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Long live health. Long Live Rock N' Roll.

We are Royalty Health & Fitness, a quickly growing health/fitness company that focuses on the mental and physical benefits of music and fitness. We started as a personal training company that released our first app/supplements in 2020 and have since opened our first location in Roselle, IL. We focus highly on customer service and attention to detail in every facet of our business to ensure we can deliver the best product to our community. We are here to assist you in any and every way possible to ensure your fitness goals become a reality. Whether that is losing weight, gaining muscle, toning up or looking to compete. Through diet/macro, "at home" or gym fitness programs, we look into the best tools that work for YOU. Because ultimately, that is all that matters.

Long Live Health, Long Live Rock N' Roll.


We are a music based health/fitness company dedicated to helping you strive to your greatest potential to achieve your goals. We help with diet, fitness, confidence/motivation, and will be by your side every step of the way. 


Choose from a wide variety of programs available at your disposal. From gym memberships to mobile based programs, you determine what suits your journey best.

Click "Programs" at the main menu to see more.


Online Coaching Program

Factual fitness/diet advice from professional trainers.

Customer service 8am-6pm daily.

Ask us anything!

Videos with form/technique.

Food prep/diet advice.

We are your online workout partner!


Diet & Macro Program

Diet Regimen & Tips

Calorie Monitoring 

Image / Motivation Counseling

Monthly Check-ins

Guaranteed Results with 24/7 customer assistance

Recipe & Meal List Guidance


Fitness Regimens

Monthly Workout Plan catered
towards your personal goals

Form & Posture Assistance

Fat Burning, Toning or Muscle Gain

24/7 Customer Assistance

No Location Limitation

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